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Ratings Intelligence has extensive experience in providing Shariah advisory for a varied class of financial assets. We help financial institutions to design, implement, maintain, audit and promote their Shariah Compliant Structured products and Funds.

Ratings Intelligence is a leading Islamic Capital Market Advisory service provider, backed by world-class Shariah scholars who have a long-standing reputation and very strong associations with major global Islamic Investments governing bodies.

We provide advisory services to our client on;

Stock Screening Compliance

Structuring and Developing Islamic Finance Instruments including Mutual Funds, Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, REITs, Sukuk and Shariah Audit

Conversion of conventional banks, insurers and financial institutes to Shariah

Monitoring of Shariah Compliant Funds

Product Certification for Shariah Compliance

Fatwa and Certification

  • Shariah ScholarsOur vast network of renowned Shariah scholars and tremendous teamwork enables us to resolve the most complex financial issues and achieve the utmost result for every commitment.

  • Shariah Advisory ExperienceWe at Ratings Intelligence coordinate well with our clients and Shariah Advisory Board for the proposed products.

  • Islamic Index Service ProvidersWe review the products proposed by our clients extensively and make the changes if required in accordance with the Shariah guidelines to ensure the compliance with the Shariah principles.

  • Shariah CertificationWe present those products to our Shariah Supervisory Board who also gives a through review and issues Fatwa.

Fatwa Certification Process

Fatwa Certification Process

Client will submit a proposed product to RI

Ratings Intelligence will structure fund

Fund will be reviewed by Ratings Intelligence

Changes suggested by RI will be submitted to client

Client will approve the suggested changes and send back to RI

RI will submit to Shariah board

Shariah board will review

If the Fund passes the Shariah guidelines, Fatwa will be Issued and will be sent to the client.

Shariah Scholars We Work With

Ratings Intelligence works with Shariah scholars of great repute. Our scholars meet on a regular basis and give guidance on emerging issues of Shariah compliance.

Dr. Muhammad Ali El-Gari

Dr. Muhammad Ali El-Gari


Dr. Nazih Hammad

Dr. Nazih Hammad


DDr. Mohammad Amin Ali Qattan

Dr. Mohammad Amin Ali Qattan


Fund Structuring

Fund Structuring Services

Ratings Intelligence can help asset managers in setting up the agreements documenting the structure of the fund as Shariah Compliant.

We can get your Shariah fund an initial FATWA (Islamic Certification) that is accepted by the investment community as Shariah Compliant.

Shariah Screening

Shariah Screening Services

Ratings Intelligence provides asset managers with a Shariah Compliant screened list of equities as per their choice of stock universe.

The Shariah criteria of such screening can also be customized to comply with an asset manager’s internal Shariah committee prescribed criteria.

We also provide dividend purification ratios of each stock screened.

We can provide such a screened list of equities on a daily/monthly/quarterly/Annual basis.

We extend our coverage as stocks IPOs in the chosen universe.

Ratings Intelligence works with the asset managers, investment & fund managers and helps them set up a convenient mode of delivery for such compliance information.

We can either send the compliance information via the internet, via a FTP site or via a simple Excel sheet.

Shariah Audit Services

Shariah Audit Services

We provide Shariah Audit services comprising of Internal Audit and External Audit.

Ratings Intelligence can implement a Shariah audit process along with a third party/internal administrator.

We provide Shariah Audit reports on a semi-annual basis assigned by the Shariah Committee.

Features of our Dynamic Audit solution

Gives the daily compliance status of the fund.

Identifies non-compliant trades.

Gives daily non-compliant positions in the portfolio.

Shows number of days left to exit non-compliant trades.

Displays Dividend purification amounts.

Cutting edge compliance solutions tailored to your business

Dynamic visualization of results

Dynamic and web-based.

Research Reports

Ratings Intelligence publishes periodic industry insight reports. For custom reports please contact us.

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